The stage designer Doris Margarete Schmidt, developed interesting flocked stage pieces for the master Movie of Lisa Sperling together with the application engineering of KIWO.

Lisa Sperling, a student at HfbK Hamburg, developed her first studio movie in which she devotes herself to narrative traditions in Bénin (West Africa) with the moment and its repetition or repeatability – with the contrast between film and theater.

The scene image is an abstract space that could be everywhere and dissolves the spatial boundaries.

This space reminds a little bit of a forest with unknown, furry fruits (these are the flocked stage parts). “I am interested in the moment in which one asks the question: What is it? What can that do?” Doris Margarete Schmidt explains.” For me this moment is equivalent to using the thing in my mind, which is already the meaning and purpose of such a sculpture. “

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From 2007 to 2014 Doris Margarete Schmidt studied stage space at the HfbK Hamburg and the ENSAD Paris. She designed scenes and costumes for projects by Tabea Martin, Cie Troisième Génération, Babett Grube, Ivna Zic, the production design of Lisa Sperlings Movie “répétition”(AT) and Wilfried Minks, Raimund Bauer and Ene-Liis Semper. In addition, she lends her voice and the film “Tell Me Mnemosyne” the voice.

For more information, please visit: www.dorismargareteschmidt.de

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Flock School 2017 at Kissel + Wolf GmbH in Wiesloch

This year’s Flock School took place from 24-25th of January 2017 at company Kissel + Wolf GmbH in Wiesloch.

12 motivated participants from seven countries took part and improved their knowledge about flock.

On the first day of the training course, the subject “all about Flock” was handeled in theory.

Speakers from the different fields of flock production (Andreas Fröhler / Flockdepot GmbH), adhesives (Holger Walter / Kissel + Wolf GmbH), flock machine manufacturer (Alberto Sadun / Aigle Macchine SRL) and flocking methods (Günther Rambow / PFT Flocktechnik GmH) forwarded extensive knowledge in interesting presentations.

In the evening the participants went out for dinner together and exchanged ideas.

There was lots of room for networking and getting to know each other.

On the second day the practical part took place, where the participants were able to flock themselves. Flocking of various materials was shown and tried. As a highlight, each participant was allowed to flock his / her own student certificate. It was a great experience!

After lunch, a very successful Flock School concluded with satisfied participants and speakers.

As I was a participant myself, it showed me once more how wide spread the topic “Flock” is and that this important, advanced training in the Association can give you very extensive knowledge for Flockintrested parties, new employees and customers.

Many thanks to the speakers and to Kissel + Wolf GmbH in Wiesloch for offering their locations.

If possible, the Flock School will take place annually.

Stephanie Wegner



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Electro-Static Object Flocking Of Decoys Using Multi-Color Without Masking

Decoys are used by hunters to attract game. For this the decoys should appear as real as possible.

Painted decoys reveal themselves by an unnatural sunlight reflection, while flocked decoys absorb sunlight equal to fur.

Since many game, e.g. the white-tailed deer, have very different fur colors, a flocking in several colors is necessary. By flocking without masking, a natural transition of the flock colors can be achieved.

Speaker: Mathias Reichenbacher / Global Flock

B2B Success Factors E-commerce and on-line marketing – you have to do that

Does it really need the Internet in the marketing of B2B companies? What is the significance of e-commerce and onlinemarketing in B2B sales? What marketing tools are the right ones to address company buyers? And what do you have to do as a B2B company on the Internet today in order to continue to successfully acquire customers?

To answer these questions, the e-commerce expert Thomas Hörner analyzes in his keynote, who nowadays are actually B2B buyers, how they behave and how the B2B purchasing process actually takes place in times of the Internet.

However, the lecture does not stand for pure analysis. On the contrary, these recommendations lead to nine very concrete recommendations on the activities of e-commerce and on-line marketing for B2B companies.

In this way, sound background knowledge on the developments of B2B e-commerce is combined with practical tips on an illuminating and surely leading day for your future business success.

Speaker: Thomas Hörner

Flocking in the automobile – examples in and out of practice

In order to correctly implement the customer requirements of a flocked component in an automobile, the flock and component requirements must be clearly defined at an early stage in the development phase.

Large error sources are that the flock was described in advance in the drawing, but not in the 3D data dimensionally considered.

Especially in the case of narrow installation space, function-relevant or kinematic components or small gaps in the vehicle, the measurement of flocking must be taken into account early in the installation and / or tolerance tests. This is the only way to avoid expensive adjustments and tool changes.

The presentation describes two current products of the company Dr. Haubitz GmbH & Co.KG how the information flow between the 3 actors automobile manufacturer – system supplier – flocking company is regulated.

Speaker: Bernhard Zinßer / Dr. Haubitz GmbH & Co. KG

“International FTAs: threat or opportunity for the European textile industry?

The presentation will present and develop arguments to defend both threat and opportunities angles. Large benefits that foreign textile companies profit at home which we consider unfair and better market access for EU exports abroad are only a couple of examples of opinions to argue for risks and positive prospects, respectively, of FTAs. The talk will refer to concrete examples not only on i) already FTAs in place such as the EU-Korea FTA one or ii) already finalized FTAs negotiations but not yet implemented FTAS such as the EU-Vietnam FTA but also on iii) ongoing FTAs negotiations, mainly the EU-US TTIP and the EU-MERCOSUR FTA. The presentation will conclude by suggesting what ideally a FTA has to contain to be considered satisfactory from CIRFS’ point of view.

Speaker: Frederic Van Houte / CIRFS


Innovative Coating/Flocking system for discontinuous sheets even if they have different thickness

The application foresees the use of a slot that is dosing an adhesive film without touching the substrate. This dosing technology is not innovative; coating slots are in the market since many years, but it is the combination between the slot technology with a device that is capable to move up and down the slot at a very precise layer with a relative precision positioning system. The coating position can vary in case there are supports divided in sheets with different thicknesses or when, an endless support has irregular thickness. Another important feature: the system is contact less, so that there is no blade, cylinder of other coating device in contact with the substrate. These characteristics open adhesive application in several supports that have critical behaviour then a coating device is touching their surface. There are several occasions in which interesting flocking processes are not leaving the sample phase just because of difficulties for achieving to a feasible (technically and economically) industrialization.

Before going through the technical characteristics of the slot and of the relative slot positioner, could be interesting to explore the field of this application system.

Speaker: Alberto Sadun / Aigle Macchine SRL




The Flock Association of Europe and its members Flour Technic System GmbH, Global Flock de Mexico, S. De R.L. DE C.V., Kissel + Wolf GmbH, Koschaum GmbH, Maag Flockmaschinen GmbH, PFT Flock-Technik GmbH, Industrias Tapla S.L. und Velutex Flock S.A. have exhibited at the K 2016 in Düsseldorf.


The international plastics and rubber industry presents itself in top shape. It benefits from a globally growing end-user market with high quality demands and stands for impressive innovative power across the entire value chain. The extraordinarily good economic state of this sector and the positive outlook for the future characterised the world’s biggest trade fair for the industry and made for an excellent mood amongst the 3,285 exhibitors of K 2016 in Düsseldorf. 230,000 investment-oriented visitors from all over the worldmake. Companies reported a host of new leads, many of which already led to closed deals over the eight days of the trade fair. Ulrich Reifenhäuser, Chairman of the K 2016 Advisory Board, put it in a nutshell: “I have never seen such a vast number of decisive customers willing to buy at a trade fair before! The number and magnitude of deals, some of which were concluded here spontaneously, as well as the many concrete enquiries about new projects by far exceed our expectations! It was clear from day one that customers wanted to not only find out about new technologies but also purchase them. There is strong investment in all our customer industries and in all regions of the world.”

Text source: www.k-online.de


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Many know him already, but he is still the new guy on the block!

Thomas Starsetzki from Kissel + Wolf GmbH

After successfully completing his studies of company management / business management at Heilbronn University, Kissel + Wolf GmbH were able to welcome their new staff member, Thomas Starsetzki, in October 2014.

In the newly established position in sales, for industrial and flocking adhesives, he is the first contact for customer inquiries of all kinds, he is active in the field of internal and external service and works closely within the application technology for adhesives work of the company.

In his training as an Industrial salesman, as well as during his studies, he was able to gain comprehensive practical experience, which enables him to perfectly fit into his new position. You can reach him at thomas.starsetzki@kiwo.de or +49 6222 578-169.

Dear members, dear Flock-interested,

as well as at the last symposium 2015, we will also present at the forthcoming

symposium 29-30. March 2017 again the FLOCK AWARD.

We are looking for you with your new products and developments!


Have you developed a new product with customers?

You have been able to solve a long problem of a customer by your idea of flocking and applying the flock?

Have you implemented a new idea for your company?

Have you optimized a long-term process? Etc.


Then you are in the right place at the FLOCK AWARD!

Do not hesitate to send us your proposal (object) for the FLOCK AWARD 2017 with a completed registration form until January 20, 2017:

Flock Association of Europe (FaoE) e.V.


Postfach 1106

96136 Burgebrach / Germany

The FLOCK AWARD winner receives the following prize:

You win the 3rd Flock Award including the certificate and a two-year application of the product and

your company by the Flock Association of Europe (FaoE) and

one year FREE OF CHARGE Membership of the Flock Association of Europe (Faoe) e.V


The conditions of participation can be found here:


Participation form here:


Please refer to the attached form for the conditions of participation.

If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail: s.thaler@faoe.eu and

s.wegner@faoe.eu as well as by telephone: +49 (0) 1727435044.

We are looking forward to your registration and wish you a nice Christmas time!

Best regards,

Susanne Thaler and Stephanie Wegner

Flockschool_headline englisch






at company Kissel + Wolf GmbH in Wiesloch



The workshop is designed for


- Newcomers and advanced flockers

- Engineers and Designers which would like to receive more information about flock and its details

- Flockers who want to refresh and improve their knowledge

- Production managers und further Employees of companies which flock

- Suppliers which would like to get to know the needs of the customer


We look forward to welcome you to Wiesloch


For further Information and Registration please contact us directly at s.thaler@faoe.eu











Since February 2016, the new, 3rd fully automatic pressure spring flocking is in operation at PFT. A total of approx. 1,500,000 springs are flocked per year now. Two additional, manual flock lines for spring flocking are also running. The feather flocking is carried out in 3 shifts with approx. 30 employees.



A new trend in flocking springs is coming up. The compression springs are increasingly provided with a lubricant surface, which can also be provided by PFT.


Furthermore, also outer flocked springs can be produced, for example, to accommodate a smaller installation space.






We are also present at the K 2016!

You will find us in Hall 5 stand  A 01.