Good resons for being a member at the Flock Association:

  • Be one step ahead in technical developments, quality standards and latest news of the industry
  • Inquiries received by the association are forwarded to our members exclusively.
  • Publishing of the company contacts and their activities in the register of members and FLOCK-News.
  • Possibility of free reporting on news from your company via our newsletter (800 subscribers).
  • Regular Association events for information exchange.
  • Special conditions exclusively for members for participation in association events.
  • Joint trade fair appearances with our members (Techtextil / Frankfurt or K / Düsseldorf e.g.).
  • Take advantage of the basic and extensive knowledge.
  • Meet international experts and use the network.
  • Regional, national and international meetings and workshops.

Join us

…..and make FLOCK what it is.
… establish FLOCK as a hightec solution in functionality and comfort.
……to establish FLOCK as a premium solution for application.
……um FLOCK als Premiumlösung  für viele Anwendungen zu etablieren.
… get inspirationen from international events.