Flocking and its advantages

Many articles for daily use are flocked. Not only to enhance the visual appearance and feel, but also a whole number of other reasons.

The possibilities of giving an additional, new characteristic by applying flock are hugely versatile. We’d like to use this page to give you a small impression of what flock can do.

  • Apart from the optical characteristics, such as:
    • Surface refinement
    • Visual asthetics
    • Colourful composition
  • Flocking meets a large number of technical requirements, including:
    • Sealing off
    • Tolerance adjusting
    • Avoiding vibration noises
    • Smooth gliding
    • Avoiding condensation water
    • Touch-protection at high temperatures
    • Noise reduction
    • High absorption
    • Slip-arresting

These are only some of the characteristics which can be achieved by flocking.
For design and appearance, flocking is the ideal process in order to realise a unique form or surface finish.

Flocking may be carried out on almost all surfaces.
Here are some examples: textiles, wood, glass, metal, plastics, rubber and many more.

Let us convince you! Flock is fascinating – an incredible technology. Our members are flocking specialists and just the right business partner for you.  

  • Some practical applications:
    • Window guiding profiles in the automobile industry to improve the sliding properties
    • Painting rollers and coating pads for a good application producing a professional finish 
    • Coverings for the burning-in elements in photo-copying equipment and laser printers
    • Flocking of the insides of trapezoid steel sheets
    • Cleaning cloth and cleaning cards give a better and a more gentle cleaning effect
    • Flocking of glove boxes and coin compartments in vehicles for noise reductions and imporved finish
    • Upholstery, furniture fabrics and floor carpeting to upgrade in visual and feel as well as maybe acustic
    • Guide rails or profiles for the noice reduction of sliding elements
    • T-shirts, leisure wear and casual wear for design effect and improved finish 
    • Sports wear and Jerseys. Beside the optical effect there is the advantage, that for example, numbers on the back are not reflecting during broadcasts
    • Inside flocking of tents and Blinds to insulate and for the reduction of condensation
    • clamshell- and handling tools for the protective transport of sensitive goods
    • Cosmetic tips and applicators have the technical function of a brush with professional effect
    • Bakery-baskets to avoid the sticking of the dough
    • Postcards for optical and touch upgrading/refinement
    • Utility ware like cups, coasters and microwave dishes to achieve an interesting feel that doubles as an insulating Feature and clatter protection
    • Hanger to avoid clothing slipping off
    • Cases for jewellery, glasses, mobile phones or perfume to avoid scratches, for good performance and the perfect display

With our new technical brochure you get the chance to try the different effects yourself with flocked panels. You can order the brochure here.