Executive Committee

The executive council represents the association in all matters and issues the guide lines for the association’s work.

The executive council consists of the speaker of the executive council, one vice speaker and three more members. Those are elected for two years by the members assembly.

At the moment the executive council consists of:  

Executive Commitee

Andreas Fröhler

Function: Speaker of the board

Flock Depot GmbH







Martin Stieber

Function: Deputy speaker of the board

Koschaum GmbH








Alberto Sadun

Function: Chief financial officer

Aigle Macchine SRL







David Caro

Qualplast (1991) Ltd.








Klaus Schreiber

Velutex Flock S.A.








Günter Rambow

PFT Flock Technik GmbH










Xavier Talavera

PFT Flock Technik GmbH