Working committees

In our committees and working groups we deal with the challenges concerning the flock industry. These include promotional work, recognition of new application sectors as well as extended requirements in production and design of flocked products. Future developments are prepared and sponsored.

The knowledge generated from this tasks is also the basic for industrial standards. Thus, the association, in co-operation with the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Physical-technical federal institution) initiated a physical research project, which was the pre-requisite for the important standards EN DIN 50223 "Stationary electrostatic application equipment for ignitable flock material – safety requirements."

Moreover, promotional activities are being prepared, special events and exhibitions planned. Our promotional tools and materials are not only available to our members but are also distributed on many exhibitions and fairs at which the association takes part by itself or together with members as a group.

There are currently no active working groups. All member companies are invited to participate in the working committees. At the suggestion of members or board members, new working groups can be initiated at any time which deal with a specific problem. Existing work groups can be dissolved again after reaching the target.

On top of it, active members are building up regional groups throughout Europe which in regular intervals meet for an exchange of information.