Our committees and working groups address common challenges facing the flocking industry. These include promotional work for flocking, the recognition of new areas of application and extended requirements in the manufacture and design of flock products. Future developments are prepared and promoted.

Such findings also form the basis for the development of standards. For example, we initiated a research project in cooperation with the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), which was the prerequisite for the important EN 50223 "Stationary electrostatic coating equipment for flammable flock - Safety requirements".

In the field of marketing, concepts are jointly developed and exhibitions as well as trade fair participations are prepared. Our advertising materials are not only available to members, but are also displayed at numerous trade fairs and events in which the association participates alone or together with members.

At present, we have a Technical Working Group and a Marketing Working Group.

At the suggestion of members or board members, new working groups can be initiated at any time to deal with a specific problem. Existing working groups can be dissolved after reaching their goals. All members are invited to participate in our working groups.

In addition, regional groups are established by active members on a European level, which meet regularly to exchange experiences.