What does the association?

The association of the flock industry Europe (reg.), was founded in 1981 in Büdingen, Germany. The renaming into Flock Association of Europe took place in 2009. As an Association, it is our first priority to popularize the advantages of flock-technology, and moreover develop flocking to make its application safer and more environmentaly friendly. By this means we do not only want to improve existing applications of flock, but we also want to initiate new ones and hereby enlarge the market for all members. We are also actively involved in the development of safety technical regulations and quality standards.

Additionally, the association guarantees important information transfer between its member companies, science and politics. The multi-lingual internet presence of the association has developed into a world wide important information carrier and to a communication platform for interested parties and users as well. 

We understands ourself as the representation of interests of all companies participating in flocking, having chosen to accept a membership of the association.

Our members and interested parties are supported in questions related to the flock technique. This not only includes the flocking companies in many special areas but also those peripheral industries, i.e. manufacturers of

  • flocking machinery
  • flock tow, i.e. the raw material to produce fibres
  • flock adhesives
  • flock fibres
  • substrate material
  • pre- and after treatment methods
  • dealers and representatives from the flock trade
  • engineering offices and consultants
  • active scientists and institutions.

Also users and finishing companies of flocked materials are approached. The flock industry consists of a wide-spread trade structure. Members are not only large companies resp. their flock divisions but also handicraft enterprises and small scale companies. Flockers, suppliers, consultants and research institutes.
The organs of the Flock Association of Europe are the members assembly the executive council and the advisory board. All proper members have one seat and one vote at the members assembly. Executive council and advisory board represent a cross section of the entire trade. Thus, a well-balances representation while considering the interest of all members is guaranteed.

Executive council, advisory board and the work shops do their work without pay. Moreover the Flock Association of Europe maintains an office with a managing director - fell free to contact us anytime. Such an organisational form makes sure that the exchange of experience is guaranteed. The advantage consists of recognising tasks well in advance to assure its effective treatment.