22nd international Flock Symposium 2013

All about Flock - Como / Italy

On our 22nd International Flock Symposium, even Ms. Holle had taken the time and extra flakes sent, so we were allowed to admire Como in the snow.

The biennial event has been held abroad for the first time and has been well received by the industry.

The event opened with a presentation by Patrick Gibbles, who reported on the work of the European Small Business Alliance, which works for small and medium-sized businesses in Brussels. More information can be found here . In addition, on the first day of the event, the global fiber development was discussed. A lecture by TU Dresden on innovative reactive adhesives met with a positive response from the Fack audience.

In the afternoon, the program allowed enough time for "networking." During the breaks, participants had ample space to exchange ideas and socialize.

On Tuesday, there were six more lectures that provided information on flocking pieces with a variety of geometries, ATEX compliant flocking, adhesives, electrostatics, flocking with trio charging and fire requirements.

The traditional dinner for the event took place on Monday evening. With a specially designed Italian buffet a cozy evening was spent. Among other things, the first FlockAward was awarded in this context, for which you will find a separate report in this issue of FLOCK-News.

Finally, the participants could also take part in a ride on Lake Como, so the stay in Como could be used in addition to the business for sightseeing. A visit to the Villa Charlotta and the idyllic town of Bellagio was included and decided the event, then still with sunshine.

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