New products

Some members of the Flock Association of Europe offer additional important products during the Corona crisis

Unfortunately, the corona crisis has a firm grip on the global economy. Due to the slump, many companies are often unable to produce and do business as usual.
We are all the more pleased to present to you today members who were able to convert parts of their production during this pandemic period in order to manufacture important products for this period:

AIGLE MACCHINE SRL currently also offers:

  • Aigle manufactures transparent protective plexiglass screens, in standard sizes and customized ones.
  • If necessary, Aigle offers also a 3D measurement and drawing service.
  • Screens increase protection for commercial operators and customers.
  • Easy to install on desks, cash counters, tables, to protect your work place.

Contact details:

Alberto Sadun
Via Donatello 8
10071 Borgaro Torinese (TO)

phone: +39 11 2624382


CHT Germany GmbH currently also offers:

Contact details:

CHT Germany GmbH
Herr Günther Holzinger
Bismarckstr. 102
72072 Tübingen

phone: +49 7071 1540


Kissel + Wolf GmbH currently also offers:

Contact details:

Kissel + Wolf GmbH
Herr Thomas Starsetzki
In den Ziegelwiesen 6
69168 Wiesloch

phone: +49 6222 578-169
website: and


News from VELUTEX FlOCK:

Last weeks Velutex flock has put its entire technical team at the service of the fight against Covid-19, working at a frantic pace both R&D projects with institutions, universities and technology partners, as well as providing essential services to sectors that use flock such as cleaning of surfaces, filtering and medical applications. We believe that some of these projects will constitute a paradigm shift and a change in the use of flock for future.

Contact details:

Velutex Flock S.A.
Frank Capdevila / Anna González
Avda. San Julián, 129-131
08403 Granollers (Barcelona)

phone: +34 93 861 70 20