FAQ Flocking of textiles

What is ‘direct flock’?

With ‘direct flock’ one understands the flocking of textiles by the process that the flock adhesive is applied onto the substrate (textile) via a sieve and immediately following this flocking is carried out electrostatically either with a hand-held applicator or through an automatic dosing system.
With direct flock normally a heat treatment of the adhesive follows this process (there are also adhesives available for a low temperature curing), with a cleaning process afterwards.

What is plotter flock?

With this method, the required design is created such that digital data are send to a cutting plotter which cuts the motif mirror-like out of a previously flocked and with hot melt powder coated flock foil, which is now transferred to the substrate via the heat transfer process.

What is sublimation flock?

By this process one understands a flocked carrier material onto which the motifs are normally applied by ink jet printers directly onto the flock layer. Another possibility is the procedure to transfer the sublimation ink from a previously printed, special paper onto the flock layer.
The sublimation ink has the feature that the solid colour particles become gaseous with higher temperature and penetrate directly into the flock fibre during the heat transfer.

What is ‘flock transfer’?

With ‘flock transfer’ one understands paper or foil which carries flock fibres on one side. By printing those with the screen printing process, ink and adhesive are applied onto the flock transfer which afterwards will be transferred onto the substrate with a heat transfer press.
The flock is anchored on the transfer paper or the –foil such that it will separate itself again from the paper or foil after the transfer onto the substrate.

What is multi-colour flock?

The multi-colour flocking process is a special adaptation to the direct flocking procedure, whereby flock fibres are separated by colour and applied (flocked) onto the substrate through special templates. Thus, a multi-coloured flock motif is created having the advantage that the multi-colour effect is not achieved by printing but with coloured flock fibres.

What is ‘high frequency weldable flock”?

This application process has a special significance and is completely different structured regarding its handling.
Previously printed foils with one or multi-coloured motifs are welded onto textiles by high frequency equipment by using engraved tools and mostly by using weldable foams.
This creates soft, bossed, three-dimensional emblems. As a small hint: At the moment you’ll see such emblems i.e. with the Bayer Leverkusen team “RWE” or with the Bayern München team on their red singles with “T-Online”, at Lazio Room “SIEMENS”,
AC Milano ”OPEL” and many more.
This technique is only suitable for larger orders because of its originally higher investment (production plants and engraved forms).